We advance clients that advance society. Every project. Every day.


We advance those that serve our neighborhoods, our state and our nation with the expertise, thoughtfulness and dedication they deserve. Since our inception, emersion DESIGN has served clients at all levels of government. We understand the intricacies of the bid and procurement process as well the dynamic needs of governmental departments and agencies. We bring expertise to an array of project types and delivery methods ranging from full design to design/build. We believe it is essential to align our efforts by first focusing on the client’s broader mission. This helps to confirm that we solve the right problems. We achieve this through a highly experienced staff who are passionate about ensuring clients at the community level to those serving our nation, are able to operate in high-quality, high-performance facilities.
Michael Chapman
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Highlight Projects
City of Boston Citywide Design Review
US Air Force Air Support Operations Facility
US Army Special Operations Forces Language Sustainment Training Facility
NASA Mars Orion Mission Space Propulsion Facility Upgrades
Massachusetts Statewide Sustainability Consultation


We advance those that heal us with a patient/family focus. emersion DESIGN guides clients through a journey by designing spaces that embrace holistic healing, promoting effective work environments, and mandating patient/staff safety. Healthcare environments- based evidence and established best practices are always major design components, and LEAN process plays an integral role in our programming process. Our ultimate goal is to create healing, high-functioning environments that are sustainable, maintainable, and cost effective to build.
Alan Hautman
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Highlight Projects
VA Ophthamology and Opteometry Clinic
Healthy Beginnings Woman's Outreach Center
Egypt Well Care Cardiology Office Suite
VA Nuclear Medicine Clinic


We advance those that educate and inspire us through our thoughtful, sustainable and cost effective learning spaces. Our beautiful and flexible spaces give our clients superior spaces to educate, create and collaborate so they can enhance academic and societal growth. Our integrative and immersive team focuses their efforts on the planned pedagogical outcomes, culture and vision of our patrons. Our high performing space and building designs have transformed learning environments for collegiate, secondary and primary education clients, as well as museum and library stakeholders.
Chad Edwards
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Highlight Projects
University of Cincinnati Muntz Hall Master Plan and Phased Renovation
Miami University Withrow Court Relocation
Contemporary Arts Center Metrobot Resurrection

science & technology

We advance the great inventors, explorers and investigators of our time with our highly technical and secure facility design. Our Science & Technology professionals offer extensive expertise throughout the programming, planning, design and construction process. Our seasoned team embraces collaboration through an integrative process providing creative problem solving with cost effective and efficient solutions for each project commission - large or small. We are service oriented, providing leadership and technical design capabilities suited for any industrial, data, engineering, technology or laboratory challenge. Our range of experience includes renovations, new build, additions, and historic structures delivered through design/bid/build, design/build or a construction management process. We routinely work with clients who have secure, confidential and unique building or process requirements.
Steve Kimball
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Highlight Projects
Sensors Research Laboratory
USAF Optics Laboratory
Arnold Engineering Center Wind Tunnel Testing Facility
INVENT Systems Integration Laboratory
Lithium-Ion Battery Test Facility


We advance the front lines of our society, economy and discovery through our inspirational, strategic and cost effective design. The functionality of space is critical to the success of any organization. We apply our knowledge in best practices, modern office trends, current technologies and sustainable approaches to each project. We recognize that today’s workplace must be adaptable. Both collaborative and private work areas are valuable and provide the flexibility for today’s workforce expects. Furniture, technology and appropriate material selections, combined with appropriate lighting and ergonomic tools, encourage and support various types of work. Functional programming, space plans, furniture layouts, along with furniture selections and specifications ensure that the spaces we design meet our client’s space and aesthetic requirements.
Alan Hautman
513 841 3905
Highlight Projects
Kenwood Collection Unlimited Systems
Takoma Properties Master Plan
Melink Corporation Net Zero Energy Renovation