emersion DESIGN, in partnership with Community Design Alliance, was commissioned to create a design and renderings for fundraising for the conversion of a utility plant into a row house. The large volume lends itself to open storage on the first floor and a raised workout, crew social area on the second. The elevated gathering space opens up to the exterior with a view of the river and city skyline. This renovation will be the first phase of a regional sports complex on the site of the old Champion Mill site in Hamilton, Ohio and will serve as a backdrop to the baseball stadium's outfield. The project is currently in fundraising mode.

Renovation of Utility Plant for Sports Use

Phase One of a Master Plan


Great Miami Rowing Center
Project contact
Chad Edwards
project manager
513 841 3907
The future sports complex site across the street
Row America invited emersion DESIGN to fully immerse ourselves in our client's experiences.
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Row America coached the emersion DESIGN Crew.