Boston Living with Water Design Competition

  • Boston Living with Water Design Competition

Boston Living with Water Design Competition

The Boston Living With Water international competition sought resilient design solutions to respond to rising sea levels in Boston. Today, roughly 30 percent of Boston is within 8’ of high tide, and these areas will be at significant risk of chronic flooding within the next 50 to 100 years. emersion DESIGN led a multi-disciplinary team of practitioners to create a competition response that refocuses the design competition to the social and community fabric aspects of climate change; outlining the community engagement process and key stakeholders in the Dorchester area necessary for an engagement program to ensure communities are Thriving with Water.

Resilient Design

Community Planning + Engagement

Multi-Disciplinary Team

Boston Redevelopment Authority
Project contact
Shawn Hesse
sustainability consultant
617 682 0262
Community organization mapping – which organizations currently active in the community should we engage to understand existing community priorities, concerns, and leaders, and what questions should we be asking them?
Community income and vulnerability mapping – census blocks with low income and low home ownership rates are most at risk of flooding, and suggest priority areas for engagement and outreach efforts.
Natural systems mapping – restored wetlands, oyster beds, parklands, and playfields can all work together to create community assets and reduce flooding risks.
Transportation infrastructure mapping – understanding major community circulation patterns and other major infrastructure vulnerabilities helps to communicate and build community support for project priority decisions.