Early Elementary School


Early Elementary School

The new Early Elementary School is designed to support Preschool through First Grade, as part of the District’s Master Plan.
Understanding that everyone learns differently, it was important to the District to create spaces where the young learners can explore and experience different learning environments.
The programming and vision of the district curriculum led to a building designed with academic pods to support the children. Each pod is organized with 6 classrooms, a small group room, and ample common flex studio to be shared by the entire pod. This allows for different classrooms to come together to work on common projects or lessons.
The flex studios have been designed to be interactive for the children. This includes a small learning stair complete with a slide element. The intent of the flex studios is to give the children different learning environments throughout the building. This also gives children the opportunity for movement within the space, to promote mental breaks and socio-emotional developmental needs.
The building has been designed to feel appropriate for the early learners. It was critical to create a building that felt comfortable and not overwhelming. This led to a building design that brings the scale of the exterior envelope down to a child’s point of view. Features included throughout the building promote curiosity and guided play within the school setting.
Natural daylight is present throughout the facility, and careful consideration was given to the windows to create line of sight opportunities lower to the ground for the young children. This is expressed in the window mullions, which help frame outdoor views at the children’s eye level.

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