We advance those that educate and inspire us through our thoughtful, sustainable and cost effective learning spaces.

We recognize that today’s educational spaces and workplace must be adaptable.

Both collaborative and private working areas are valuable and provide the flexibility for both learning and workforce expectations.

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Our children are the future leaders of our country. They are the doctors who will take care of us, the architects and engineers that will build our communities, the teachers that will educate future generations, the innovators that will catapult us into the future. 65% of our current kindergartners will have a career that does not currently exist. The design of learning environments that challenge our children to be problem solvers, creative thinkers, empathetic humans, and innovative creators will ensure the continued advancement of our society.
Christie Boron
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Next Generation School Design

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Educational Visioning & Community Engagement

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Higher Education

We advance students, professors and collegiate staff by turning tired, antiquated facilities into modern, flexible, and strategic assets. Our experience and facilitation in leading multi-tiered clients and users through a highly integrative design process uncovers hidden value with our thoughtful renovations. Our research in the best of current pedagogical learning, universal design, health and wellness, high performing and sustainable sets the foundation for creating an inspiring atmosphere for those that will advance our society.
Chris Willis
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Public & Private Master Plans

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Sustainable, Healthy Spaces


The arts do not just enrich our lives, they answer a fundamental human and social need. They can transform how we understand the world as well as each other. Facilities should empower organizations to provide compelling cultural experiences, from individual inspiration, to group learning, to community celebrations. The value and worth of the content, whether it be visual, auditory, or more, can often mean the facilities must meet standards that are demanding and highly technical—and must meet them in ways that are welcoming, enlivening or invisible. And for non-profits, connecting mission to societal worth and individual value is fundamental to sustainment.
Brett Macht
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Sustainable, Healthy Spaces

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