Bethel 3-8 Building


Bethel 3-8 Building

With its cottage aesthetics, the Bethel Academic Building features stepped classrooms pods that engage with the natural topography. The staggered massing results in a residential and personal scale for its inhabitants as well as the surrounding community of Glendale. Inspired by the architecture of the chapel, the South stone face of the building is dotted with smaller, punched openings that protect the building from excessive heat gain.
The classrooms are designed to provide a nurturing yet academically challenging environment. Portable furniture, individual whiteboards, and integrated technology promote active learning - where physical space supports a focus on engaging experiences for students and faculty.
We learn better, heal faster and our body functions best when connected to the natural world. The Bethel Academic Building design enhances health and wellness by incorporating many nature-inspired features, scientifically proven to advance human health and well-being. The building’s interior design is inspired by the seasons of the year. Third-grade students start their journey in the spring academic pod and continue to learn and grow over the next six years traveling from season to season.
Learning continues outside with rooftop classrooms. These second-story patios, connected by a bridge, open to the plaza and amphitheater below.

1st Net-Zero Energy School Building in Midwest (pending)

2nd Most Energy Efficient School Building in USA (pending)

LEED Platinum Certification

108 Geothermal Exchange & Solar Panels

Phased Construction

Student-Centered Campus

Bethany School
Glendale, Ohio
25,125 GSF
year completed
Project contact
christie boron
project manager
513 841 3092
First Floor
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