Cultural Arts Center

  • Kennedy Heights Cultural Art Center

Cultural Arts Center

emersion DESIGN is preparing a Master Plan and Design/Build “Bridging Documents” for the 32,000 square foot renovation of a former grocery store located in the heart of Kennedy Heights. The retail “big box” will be rehabilitated to house three organizations: the Cincinnati Art Museum, the Kennedy Heights Montessori Center, and the Kennedy Heights Arts Center. The Art Museum will develop a satellite gallery for the neighborhood, as well as establish high density and visible art storage. The Montessori Center will serve children ages 3-6 in classrooms and extended care facilities. The Kennedy Heights Arts Center will offer artists’ studios for rent, and a large multi-purpose room for community events. In addition, the renovated space will include an Arts Supply Store. The new neighborhood oriented commercial, educational and multi-use civic spaces are geared towards students, craftsmen and artists.

Phased Renovation Project

Community Focused Art Center

Artist Studios, Galleries And Education Spaces

Kennedy Heights
Kennedy Heights Cultural Art Center - Pre Renovation
emersion designed a renovation of a suburban-style big box into a neighborhood cultural center.
Kennedy Heights Cultural Art Center Design Unveiling
The community and press were on hand for the design unveiling.
Kennedy Heights Cultural Art Center
The neighborhood of Kennedy Heights is eager to use their renovated center.