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Longworth Wing

Design and construction administration services for the historic three-story 1887 Art Academy building and Emery Wing to accommodate reuse of existing space within the museum for gallery use.

The Art Academy renovation was the first phase of museum renovation and improvements that will facilitate implementation of a master plan to add 112,000 square feet of new gallery space and a new multistory 160,000 square foot parking garage.

Renovation included restoration of the existing two-story stone façade, demolition and reconstruction of the building interior, structural frame, foundations, and design of a new third floor. Project included integration of historic building architecture with new to provide contemporary spaces that support the museum’s staff. Amenities provide new space for the director, curators, library, archives, human resources, development, and finance. The new third floor provides public access to the library and gathering space for events.

Design services included architecture, interior design, programming, space planning, structural, mechanical, electrical, and site engineering. The project is LEED Gold Certified.

LEED Gold certified

AIA Cincinnati Honor Award

Cincinnati Design Award

Greenest Tri-State Buildings Award

Cincinnati Art Museum
Energy use intensity
29.7 kBtu/ft2
Project contact
Jim Cheng
design director
513 841 3902
The historic stone façade was saved, and a new building was built inside.
emersion DESIGN
Stainless steel pins connect the stone 'veneer' to the new structural concrete wall.
emersion DESIGN
One bay was removed to allow mechanized equipment access into the heart of the project.
emersion DESIGN
The 2 story façade was braced until the new concrete wall was cured.
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