Can highly secure building be warm and welcoming?

Now more than ever, builder owners and city planners are looking to design firms to incorporate Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) as an initial line of defense against public threats.

In the last several years, our country has collectively experienced the horror of active shooters in public spaces. While these acts of violence have occurred throughout history, our collective awareness has heightened in recent times. Continuous news cycles, live reporting and the proliferation of social media have kept us aware of up to the minute detailed information on the attacks on school, college, public and corporate grounds. Citizens, building owners and public officials are now asking designers to share their expertise on how to help obstruct criminal activity through our design of buildings and public spaces.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Protecting Military and Civic Buildings

Community Based Security

Storm Water Management Features

Vehicle Access and Routing

Placement and Design of Sidewalks

Landscape and Seating Features

Bullet Resistant Glazing

Site Artwork

Thoughtful Parking Design

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