How can an office space increase employee satisfaction and productivity?

Since employees spend more of their waking hours at the office than they do at home, a comfortable, healthy, and motivating workspace is critical to happiness.

Trends in workplace design are always changing. New research continues to emerge about the best ways to facilitate productivity and collaboration, improve employee satisfaction, and reduce stress. Everything about your workspace – the colors your office uses, the use of greenery, the openness of the space – can have a direct impact on your workers’ satisfaction and productivity. While open offices may continue to dominate many workplace designs, this year’s Staples Workplace Survey finds that this workplace layout is not always the solution to meet all employees’ needs. Instead, workplaces need to tap into the full design toolkit to build flexible, inspiring spaces that minimize distractions and enable employee choice when it comes to the environments that energize them.

Benefits and Challenges of Open Offices

Reducing Noise Distractions

Acoustically Balanced Environments

Activity Based Working

Designing the Right Environment

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