Covington Alleys


Covington Alleys

In 2019, emersion created design concepts for the rejuvenation of three alleyways in the downtown Covington core. The purpose of the improvements is to increase safety and aesthetics and to serve as a catalyst for other alley improvements around the city. The intent is to maintain limited vehicular traffic and to provide a vibrant and functional pedestrian network connecting popular destinations. Each alley connects to proposed future commercial venues, as well as to historical buildings and landmarks that are significant to the downtown character. Each alley design is unique and reflects the context, character, and identity of surrounding areas.

City staff and community stakeholders provided the design team with a basic understanding of the physical nature and desired character for each location. Numerous stakeholder meetings entailed robust conversations centered on blue-sky thinking and future potential of the areas surrounding each alley. The City chose 3 target alleys, each with unique characteristics, that will serve as blueprints for other alley transformations:

Innovation Alley (east-west alley between Washington and Russell Street and between Pike and Sixth Streets)
Tobacco Alley (east-west alley between Scott and Madison and between Fourth and Fifth Streets)
Legacy Way (north-south alley between Fourth and Fifth and between Greenup and Scott Streets)

The preliminary designs include suggestions for custom artwork, specialty lighting schemes, wayfinding, safety features, and paving. The designs will be further developed and implemented as funding becomes available.

Urban corridor rejuvenation

Graphic design used to illustrate design concepts

Community engagement

Interactive stakeholder meetings

City of Covington
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Legacy Alley Before
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