Kenwood Collection Tenant Fit Out

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Kenwood Collection Tenant Fit Out

Unlimited Systems is a family-owned software company specializing in oncology care, with a commitment to provide healthcare technology without limits. Expanding at a rate faster than their existing space can manage, the company selected emersion DESIGN to guide them through design of their final corporate office.

For their permanent office, Unlimited Systems has selected a 32,000 sf (including expansion space) corporate workplace in a highly-visible location. The Kenwood Collection provides a sense of well-deserved corporate accomplishment to the owners of Unlimited, will attract top talent to the company, and entertain Unlimited’s C-Suite clients. While the architectural and interior design sends the same message of welcome and competence, the goal is always to maintain an agreeable project fit-out budget and stick to the aggressive design schedule.

Finishes selected are aesthetically rich but cost-effective, durable, and environmentally responsible. Project dollars are carefully allocated to get the “most bang for our buck” and promote an environment that is welcoming to everyone.
The design program includes large perimeter corner offices for the company owners, mid-level management offices, plentiful teaming rooms that can also be converted to future management offices, open office work areas for support staff that are adjacent to daylight, small conferencing areas blended in the open office layout, and support/storage functions on both sides of the building core. A large employee bistro is fully open to daylight and will offer a variety of seating options and ample counter space for food and beverage preparation. The adjacent space can be used for bistro overflow or closed off for training with a sliding glass door. Existing furniture will be assessed for re-use and blended with new to suit the aesthetics of the space.

Active Partner Involvement With Design Team

Corporate Branding Throughout Environment

Programming For Current Capacity And Future Expansion

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