NASA Langley Structures and Materials Complex


NASA Langley Structures and Materials Complex

emersion DESIGN was engaged by NASA to develop a program, concept design and site master plan for a 212,000 sf, $100 million, integrated structures and materials research laboratory consolidation. This project combines multiple facilities at the NASA Langley Research Center into a 3-building research complex. Design includes renovation and new construction; planning for movement of research equipment prior to renovation; temporary storage during renovation; continuity of testing if needed; and movement into the renovated lab.
This research laboratory consolidation and revitalization includes integration and close coordination among materials, fabrication, synthesis, processing, characterization, mechanical testing for discovery and validation, and analysis. The new building is organized as an innovation incubator, housing the flexible labs and assessment resources that enable the quicker pace of integrated research fostered by these type of facilities. It combines the major facets of research and process flow for rapid creation, characterization, processing, and testing in a collaborative facility.
The two existing buildings will promote integrated research through close collocation of diverse laboratories and the incorporation of a main circulation concourse, which will enable movement and collaboration to occur through both buildings.
The building complex program includes Radiation Biology Labs, Optical Materials Lab, Characterization Labs, Chemistry Labs, Multifunction Labs, Mechanical Testing Labs, Data Reduction, Offices, Conference Rooms, General Shop Area, Library, and Special Use Areas. Electronics Labs, Microscopy, Thermal Analysis Lab, and Processing Labs.

212,000 sf

$100 Million

Campus Environment

Research Laboratory

Renovation & New Construction

Laboratory Consolidation

Chemistry Labs


Laboratory Gases

High Pressure Air

Vibration Control

Hampton, VA
200,000 sf
Project contact
steve kimball
science and technology market leader