WELL Platinum Office Renovation


WELL Platinum Office Renovation

Enriching Spaces is a furniture dealer and interior design firm. Dawn Schwartzman, CEO and President, recognized the importance of having a healthy environment for her dedicated staff. She was directed to Yasha Ogg at emersion DESIGN. Yasha is the 7th WELL Faculty member in the Midwest and the 1st in Ohio.
Yasha Ogg and Chad Edwards met with Dawn and her team to map out a phased WELL Platinum strategy and engaged various Design/Build contractors to implement the healthy renovation.
Concepts, features, and optimizations include air quality testing and improvements, water quality testing and improvements, and light testing and improvements. All these renovations occurred while the building was occupied. emersion DESIGN assisted with educating and drafting company policies.
emersion DESIGN was on hand during the final testing period. The project is WELL Platinum Certified and has been dubbed, "The Healthiest Building in the Midwest".

Midwest's First WELL Platinum Building

9th WELL Platinum Project in the US

WELL Testing Management

WELL Strategy and Documentation

Building Health Analysis

Building and MEP Assessment

MEP Alterations

Enriching Spaces
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