Our mission is to advance clients who advance society. We accomplish this by consistently designing regenerative, cost effective, and beautiful places, spaces, and buildings. Every project. Every day.

emersion's original office was the 1st A/E LEED Platinum office. Ever.

Our 2nd and current office is LEED Platinum Certified

Completed 5 Net-Zero Energy Buildings

International Award Winning design. Hua!

Intense, yet casual environment.

310 Culvert Street, Suite 100
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 USA
513 841 9100

Clients We Serve

We advance those who dedicate their service to our neighborhoods, states, and nation with the expertise and attention they deserve. We are nationally renowned for cost-effective, regenerative, healthy, and beautiful design that ensures local, regional, and national governments can effectively serve their constituents.
We advance those who teach and inspire us through thoughtful, sustainable, and cost-effective learning spaces. Our high performing, sustainable designs have transformed learning environments for collegiate, secondary, and primary education clients, as well as museum, library, nature center and other non-profit organizations.
Science & Technology
We advance the inventors, researchers, and investigators of our time through highly technical and secure facility design. emersion is service-oriented, combining exceptional leadership with innovative thinking to solve any corporate, industrial, engineering, laboratory, or technology challenge.