Can I pursue Net-Zero on a budget?

You don't need exotic building systems to reach Net-Zero Ready, but you do need a design team with the right mindset.

The term Net-Zero conjures up images of big budgets and expensive building systems; however, this conception couldn't be further from the truth. As architects and engineers, we have everything we need to design Net-Zero Ready buildings for the same cost as buildings that meet basic code. All it takes is the right mindset and the right approach. By going beyond rules of thumb and customizing design strategies to the site, the Bethany School addition is projected to be 18.7% more energy efficient than the average local vacant building.

Designing a Net-Zero Ready building is similar to running a marathon. You must build up to your goals by improving over time. If you don't have a client who is ready to embrace Net-Zero, you can still improve the overall energy efficiency of your designs. Practice the techniques outlined in this article, and you will start down the path of design for Net-Zero Ready buildings. Just remember, as a design industry, we have the technology and tools to create high performing buildings on almost any budget. You just need the right mindset and the right approach. And you can start today.

Net-Zero Strategies

Sustainable Design

High Performance Buildings on a Budget

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Bethany School's strong existing commitment to sustainability makes Net-Zero strategies a natural outgrowth of the client's overall vision for this project.
Before there was even a floor plan, the team explored several different window-to-wall ratio profiles and multiple construction profiles, including glazing and solar coefficients, all evaluated with the team's energy modeling data.
The students, faculty, administration, and the design & construction team celebrate the completion of the school's foundation.
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