Can a tenant fitout be beautiful, affordable, and a world-leading example of sustainability?

emersion DESIGN is the first architecture and engineering firm in the world to have a Certified LEED Platinum office.

Each material was carefully researched to be maximum contributors to the Certification. Over 99% of our debris was recycled, reused or re-purposed, so that our landfill contribution was a mere 18 pounds. We developed a recycling program before we purchased computers. Along with using highly recyclable, regional, and rapidly renewable materials, motion sensors are utilized in the periodically-used spaces, and 98% of our appliances are Energy Star qualified.

Each staff member has an exterior view and access to natural daylight, which aides in employee comfort/productivity and also lowers energy consumption.

Along with constant cost analysis, quantity analysis was performed to ensure that one credit criteria would not cancel out another precious credit. The discovery and use of materials that resonated across multiple categories proved essential to our Platinum pursuit.

World's 1st LEED Platinum A/E Office

5 Time Award-Winning Design

Built For Under $27/SF

Project contact
jim cheng
design director
513 841 3902
The big table is a physical embodiment of emersion's collaborative design process.
Materials selection included renewable, reused and local products.
emersion is horizontally operated; the big table supports principals and co-ops.
The space was chosen, in part, for its access to daylight and views.