Why Invest in a Site Master Plan

Creating a framework that maximizes current and future land use.

A site master plan is an investment in long-term planning essential for development of a framework for future land use growth. The organization’s strategic plan should serve as the fundamental basis for initiating the site master planning process and is essential for leadership to prioritize and plan for future site development. It provides guidance for decisions regarding budgets, zoning, ordinances, capital improvements, environmental stewardship, and other growth-related considerations.

The Site Master Plan provides a land use plan for a defined parcel based on the organization’s strategic (business) objectives. The Site Master Plan defines short- and long-term land use requirements as a framework for present & future use. The Plan should provide foresight, adaptability, direction, and a defined future by establishing existing conditions, goals and objectives, planning principles, master plan documentation, and an implementation strategy. Site master planning is one of the most critical steps to creating a plan that maximizes land use, space economy, flexibility for future growth, and change. It is often one of the most overlooked steps in the project planning process. Read more with the article attached, below.

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