Science & Technology

We advance the great inventors, explorers and investigators of our time with our highly technical and secure facility design.

We routinely work with clients who have secure, confidential and unique building or process requirements.

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Science & Technology

We provide thoughtful value-based design solutions for technical, science, and technology clients. Our expertise is focused on creation of business case value delivering resilient long-term company and community assets. Our seasoned team embraces collaboration through an integrative process providing creative problem solving with cost effective and efficient solutions for each project commission - large or small. We are service oriented, providing leadership and technical design capabilities suited for any industrial, data, engineering, technology or laboratory challenge.
Steve Kimball
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Site Master Planning

Laboratory Space Planning & Programming

Complicated Building Renovations

Technical & Data Processing Facilities

Wet, Dry & Engineering Laboratory Design

Energy Efficient, High Performance Buildings

Design/Build & Construction Management Delivery

Highlight Projects
INVENT Systems Integration Laboratory
Lithium-Ion Battery Test Facility
US Air Force Optics Laboratory
Sensors Research Laboratory


Designing spaces for our clients to work is really about creating a shared sense of place and purpose. All of our clients, regardless of sector, have office space. It’s where they make many of the ideas and decisions that shape our communities. It’s also where they spend a large part of their waking hours. Their surroundings for those hours can significantly impact their effectiveness, their health, who comes to the organization to work alongside them, and who stays. With changing modes of work, cost of real estate and options for remote working, coming to the office is increasingly a choice. To reap the full benefits of in-person communities of work, offices need to be places people want to be, because they can get more done--with others who share their sense of mission, in a place that is inspiring and healthy.
Steve Kimball
513 841 3904

Strategic Programming & Master Planning of Buildings and Sites

Spaces for Focus, Collaboration and Inspiration

Visitor Experience

Safety and Security of People, Assets and Data

Office Technology

Award Winning Design

Healthy Spaces That Express Client Identity and Value to Society