AeroHub Innovation District

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  • AeroHub Innovation District
  • AeroHub Innovation District
  • AeroHub Innovation District

AeroHub Innovation District

AeroHub, a 120 acre Advanced Manufacturing/ Applied Technology Innovation District, centers on technology, R&D, workforce training, and business while spanning 2 Villages and 4 existing land use types. The designers set guidelines for governance structure to realize the vision while being flexible for the unknown.

AeroHub has a range of densities and uses, like business, manufacturing, research, education, retail, recreation and entertainment, that support focused energy as well as advanced production. The transect with core elements fosters regional allure. The core includes an education/ conference center, workforce development incubator, and Tech Accelerator which will house a non-profit, community college, secondary tech school and event center under one roof. This allows users to share specialized equipment and knowledge while collaborating to test new possibilities.

The walkable/ bikeable center of campus opens to the existing park and lake. The core is the locus of conferences, networking and social programming. Venues such as cafes and bars help extend critical innovation by enabling casual exchanges. AeroHub’s plazas and green spaces frame a lively variety of uses – including district events, recreation and nature preserve.

AeroHub has international leading sustainable and resilient development guidelines, such as 20.9 EUI base load, Net-Zero Stormwater, native-only botanical garden, restored natural habitat, EV infrastructure and a district wide geoloop. Transportation types merge tractor trailers, cars, new metro routes, bikes, pedestrian and wildlife corridors. The plan offers guidance on AVs, and parking garages will be built for future conversions.

Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District

Net-Zero Energy Ready District Master Plan

Distinctive Placemaking

190 Acres

Village of Evendale
energy use intensity
Designed 20.9 kBtu/ft2
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steve kimball
project manager
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