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AeroHub Innovation District

AeroHub is a district for Advanced Manufacturing Innovation. It is a center for advance manufacturing enterprise, from the creation of new ideas to thriving and established businesses. It is a nexus of economic, physical and networking assets that foster new ideas and their transformation into advanced manufacturing enterprises that create jobs and give value to society. Each building’s base energy load will be designed to use less energy than the average vacant building per square foot (20.9 EUI).

AeroHub is zoned with four use mixes. Each mix allows multiple primary uses, which overlap across mix types for flexibility. Uses progress from occupancies with a potential for light industrial character (Advanced Manufactoring and R&D), to occupancies compatible adjacent to residential (education & mixed use that could include retail and office like uses). Parks and green belts contribute further buffering to adjacent properties, as well as offer additional amenities to AeroHub and its neighbors.

In its full buildout at 190 acres, AeroHub will extend from Sharon Road south across Glendale-Milford Road to the north edge of Lincoln Heights. It is bordered on the east by I-75 and to the west by Glendale residential properties as well as by Woodlawn industrial and a bit of residential property.

AeroHub will be a destination where:
• distinctive placemaking attracts thinkers, makers, and doers to thrive through collaboration.
• cars can move easily, but where walking and biking are an easy first choice for many.
• only the combination of high technology and vibrant nature define a manufacturing that is truly advanced.

Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District

Net-Zero Energy Ready District Master Plan

Distinctive Placemaking

190 Acres

Village of Evendale
Energy use intensity
Designed 20.9 kBtu/ft2
Science & Technology
Project contact
Steve Kimball
project manager
513 841 3904