Early Childhood Center


Early Childhood Center

The new, 2-story, community-based Early Childhood Center is part of a comprehensive, district-wide Master Plan. Realizing each child learns differently, the district’s goal was to create unique spaces where young learners could explore and experience a variety of environments that support their developmental and social-emotional needs. Six learning communities are managed by a team of teachers who share a series of learning studios, learning commons, small group rooms, and teacher collaboration rooms. This innovative, yet functional, design easily adapts to one-on-one, small group, and inclusive group learning experiences, while also supporting the programming and vision of the district’s curriculum. At the intersection of the learning communities lies dedicated special needs classrooms and amenities, a shared STEM-learning commons, as well as counseling and mental health support spaces that are central and easily accessed by all students.
The learning commons throughout the building are highly interactive and multi-sensory, embracing elements such as a learning-platforms complete with slides, alcoves, and passageways intended for exploration. The studios support the whole child by promoting vital self-management, self-awareness, decision-making, relationship-building, and social-awareness skills.
The learning communities are separated from the community spaces through a series of layered access points. Public spaces include the cafeteria and kitchen (complete with culinary demonstration center), gymnasium, art spaces, music classrooms, a stage, and outdoor play areas.
It was critical for the building’s size to be comfortable and age appropriate. The final design scales the exterior envelope down to a child’s point of view. Careful consideration was given to the windows to create an abundance of controlled natural daylight with line-of-sight opportunities lower to the ground. Tracking LEED Gold this building is saving the district on both maintenance and energy costs for a long time to come.


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