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Finneytown Elementary

emersion DESIGN took what was a planned “boiler-plate” State compliant project and transformed it into a program that supported the Finneytown community’s expectations. Lead by our team, Finneytown Local Schools embarked on an HPLE (High-Performance Learning Environment) process to develop a comprehensive district-wide Educational Vision and Educational Specifications for new school facilities to house K-6 students.
The district’s instructional programs, delivery methods, integration of technology, and future student needs were reviewed. The data and community input collected provides a foundation for the development of a vision that will position the district to provide 21st-century educational instruction.
With the onset of COVID, an alternative approach to school planning was developed by our team, allowing input from teachers, staff, students, and administrators into the facility planning process. Maintaining our original schedule this process resulted in a 200+ page educational spec that is now serving as our guide for the new elementary school design.
Following is a list of the project parameters used by the Committee in the development of this document:
-The facility will be located on the current elementary site 
-Teachers will not “own” their own classroom. A cohort of staff will share a “learning community” of varied learning spaces and determine the best space for how they want to deliver curriculum that day or week
-High-Performance Learning Environment concepts and characteristics will be incorporated 
-Project-base learning labs with appropriate infrastructure
-Operable walls and Overhead garage doors
-Class sizes to range from 20-25 students per station 
-“Full Inclusion” will be the model for Special Education program delivery 
-Large group, small group, individual spaces
-Technology should be integrated throughout the facility 
-LEED Silver requirements, but LEED Gold designed
-Building Materials that celebrate the DIVERSITY of the district

OFCC's 1st LEED GOLD V4 Certified School

757 Students

Master Plan Implementation

OFCC HPLE (High Performance Learning Environment) process

COVID sensitive Engagement & Design Process

Flexible Learning Areas & Collaborative Workspaces

Next Generation Learning Communities

Enhanced Fine Arts spaces

Visioning and Education Spec Process

Decentralized Media Center

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