Fire Stations 26 &102


Fire Stations 26 &102

Colerain Township Fire Department is staffed 24-7-365 and has three, 24-hour shifts. A comprehensive master plan, also completed by emersion in 2022, identified that new facilities were needed. The design and construction of both stations is occurring simultaneously. The design for both projects places special emphasis on firefighter mental health through elements such as increased daylight and access to the surrounding natural environment. Simple adjustments in the design process, such as window placement, make a significant impact. As high-performance buildings, both facilities are prime examples of environmental stewardship and community resiliency. The proposed Energy Use Intensity (EUI) is 35 with a stretch goal of 25 or less. This target is not only eco-friendly but will save the Township thousands in utility bills.

Simultaneous construction of two stations

Projects are a result of an emersion-led master plan

Colerain Township
26 - 18,000 sf; 102 - 15,000 sf
Project contact
Tim Wiley