Herzner Hall Cafeteria


Herzner Hall Cafeteria

The Bethany School Cafeteria, known as Herzner Hall, is located at the top of the hill, next to the natural playscape and the Bethel academic building. The space is an addition to an older building on the Bethany School campus. The Cafeteria includes a small-scale industrial kitchen, office area, storage space, mechanical room, and dining area.
Surrounded by two full walls of windows, the dining area is a bright and airy space for the students to eat lunch. Natural daylight streams in from both sides, reducing the need for artificial lighting. The glass offers the occupants views of the natural playscape and ball field outside. A large acoustical cloud hangs over the space and absorbs excess noise and echo bouncing off of the hard surfaces.
From the exterior, Herzner Hall is just as stunning. The large glass windows and tree-branch-inspired mullions provide a bold, modern look, providing some contrast with the traditional Tudor style of the matching academic buildings.
The furniture inside the cafeteria is portable, with easy-to-clean surfaces. To protect occupant health, furniture pieces with low VOC emissions were selected to maximize air quality. Round tables are used to promote a more familial atmosphere where students feel more engaged and connected with their peers, allowing this space to support the whole student, both physically and mentally.

Building Addition

Low VOC Materials Selected

Biophilic Design

Bethany School
Glendale, Ohio
4,700 GSF
year completed
Project contact
christie boron
project manager
513 841 3092